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  1. myri-chan 5d 18h ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlUNNIE, HAPPY RAMADHAN KAREEM! XD XD XD
    Let's do our best this month, and for the next month also! ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ

    Oh no, you shouldn't apologize Unnie. Because you were replying this post faster than I'm replying now TT_TT
    Eh really? But I think you are already good!
    I dunno XD I just think that when I haven't meet good friends for along time and then I meet them, I'm feeling excited.
    Tbh that's how I feel if I open MT page ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ
    Then if I meet friends that I treasure so much, I'm feeling energetic lol XD that is how I feel if I'm texting some friends in MT including you and Kuchuku, Unnie ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ
    I miss Ghazalkashani tho :( she wasn't online at all when I opened MT page again after so long.. Not really long tho, a year maybe?

    My family took me to cemetery and when I think about people who passed away I realize life is indeed really short, just like what you said :(
    I guess as long as I live, I better do good deeds and treat people better. The bad thing is, I'm a human that can be forgetful and can hurt someone again when my ego gets me the most than my inner feelings (╯︵╰,)
    I see.... Thank you for explaining it Unnie! XD I haven't watching MLP but it sounds fun XD

    Really? Alhamdulillah then XD if I found another good songs, I might share it to you
    Actually I've got a song than sounds so good, I really like it when I heard my friend played it on her playlist XD
    There is a member of this Nu'est boyband whose name is Minhyun. He is known as person who has honey voice, I don't know what is that but when I hear his voice indeed his voice sounds soft and cute(?) (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
    But oh well, that is how I think his voice can makes their song "Hello" sounds so good! XD I have heard one of their comeback stage that forcing Ren to take Minhyun's role (because at this time Minhyun was busy as Wannaone member) and tbh.... I think the song sounds kinda bad, if it compares with when Minhyun the one who sang his own verse.
    I have heard some Nu'est songs that my friend played but none of them I like but this song XD
    I heard from my friend who has been a fans of Nu'est since she was a high school student, that actually Hello it's their first ballad song. I guess his voice is good for ballad song? :/
    What do you think Unnie? XD here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2Oo7GAYyG8
    oh btw one of the comment is right. The background 'yeoboseyo' from 1:19 to 1:22 isn't Aron's, it's Minhyun's.
    That is indeed his lines, how come I don't recognize that honey voice? (ι´Д`)ノ /selfslap ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ
    Oh wait, I've been becoming talkactive again TT..TT
    Yaay! XD Ikr right, the propose version is better XD I don't even bother to download original song's mp3 since I have the propose version ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I'm crazy with this emoji ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) please tell me if those emoji cause pains than fun to be read, Unnie TwT

    Saha Ramdanek Gadchan ;) Hope ur doin well :3
    Of course even tho being a lunar pony is not always easy...lunar traditions are strict Lol

    Thank you for your kind words ;) I miss our sister Ghazal as well she's the sweetest girl you could ever meet ;.;
    I wonder if she's ok now.

    Places like cemetaries are a good reminder indeed ^.^;

    Being the right type of person is not so easy, sometimes we're not even aware of our behavior and how people perceive it. Questioning ourselves and understanding every kind of person require some experience because alas being nice is not sufficient, sometimes people want something else. Of course if you can't master your feelings it won't help you to understand and satisfy people around you,humility is very important in order to be a wiser person.

    Don't hesitate to share more k pop music with your sis ;)

    This song is lovely dear sister it would make a good ost for a drama,it's really cute ^^ the singer has an amazing voice indeed :)

    I see that you are a big big fan ;)

    Btw i like your new ava Gaddchan it's really amusing,naughty but funny xDDD
    And your emojis are so creative <3,you have a special keyboard or something? O__O

  2. Monu-chan Moderator 1wk 0d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl Happy Ramadhan Kareem Monu-chan! XD

    To you, too! :D

  3. myri-chan 5wk 3d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl
    Hello, unnie... Sorry I'm late replying again TT..TT
    It is might be(?) a fun stuff for kids. I don't really remember the story (;_;)
    Eh... really Unnie? O_O But I think your English language better than mine so you are fine Unnie XD XD
    yes, let's believe it! XD
    I dunno why but I'm feeling energetic right now XD XD XD I'm really happy replying Unnie XD
    *eats the bread* wah thank you unnie for the bread >_< you are right, better deal the circumstances than thinking about life in bad way :(
    I see XD Bronies and Pegasisters.. Now I think about it, I just have realized how cute those nicknames are! Bronies makes me remember brownies and pegasisters makes me remember Pegasus and rainbow, I dunno why... (._.)a
    Glad to hear that Unnie loves it! XD tbh I was thinking am I bragging too much things on you Unnie TT..TT please tell me if I'm becoming a bother (;_;)
    They have just released a new album called I promise you (I.P.U) I should admit some of the new songs are catchy too XD
    I recommend Boomerang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swd3yIocY8A but honestly I think those bg lights in the video can hurt eyes (;_;)
    'I promise you' itself is a good one too Unnie XD the original is good, but I think the propose version are much better since it has a calm tune(?)
    This link is the original version, official mv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NlNEj2mCIg
    This one is propose version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ5z9FSME0w It is... A sweet song! XD XD XD

    I should apologize for being so late too :P
    Um well my english is still quite rudimentary ^__^;
    Wow! how can you be that energetic? how you do that? O__O

    you did it,you did it! ...i knew it :p anyways i want to say that's the spirit Gadchan! life is tough but also shorter than we think x.x
    yup ^^ bronies is a mix between words bro(brother)and ponies..i guess.pegasister is a combination of word pegasus and sister,the sus from pegasus sounds like sis(sister) those words are simple puns,even each title of mlp episode contain a certain pun,i know it's obvious but it had to be clarified just in case ^^

    You don't bother at all Gad :3 i am glad to discover and learn from you.
    Those songs are good not bad at all sis,the last one is really cute ;3

  4. TheGarbageCollector 6wk 6d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl

    Quote by TheGarbageCollector teehee
    You caught me

    Hehe! Tag, you are it!(?) XD

    How are you doing, Comp? XD

    Enjoying the sweet sweet drink called miseries of being an adult.
    How about you?

  5. myri-chan 10wk 5d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlUnniee long time no see! TT_TT
    Ultraman is famous for his giant body and fight godzillas or other monsters lol XD
    Yes, but I can't continue my vn since it is already college term, I mean, not holiday anymore (?)
    Isn't my english language like a junior high school, Unnie? I guess I need to take English course :(
    your welcome Unnie! >_<
    No, no, no, they must exist! >:O *persistent*
    Everything is going to be alright, insya Allah Unnie XD
    Eh... Peps who stabs in the back are worst! :(( are honest people rare?
    Okay, will do Unnie! XD thank you so much!
    May Allah always be your side too Unnie XD
    Bronies? Are they different from pegasisters? :o
    Unnie, recently I listened to Wannaone's songs and they are quite catchy(?) XD
    Never, Burn it up and Energetic are I like the most among their songs! XD
    Wah I can be fangurling sometimes since they look cool (I like to see Ong, Jaehwan, Minhyun, Jihoon and Jinyoung XD) but on the other side there are some of their dance poses that can't stop make me laugh lol XD

    Hello Gadchan :) here i am Lol
    oh i see,sounds pretty cool must be very fun to watch.
    studies first! you can always find a moment for hobbies later :)
    Me too >_< feeling too lazy to learn some grammar and vocabulary right now XD
    you think they exist? ok then let's believe ^^
    insya Allah dear sis :)
    honesty is such a rare thing indeed,*dips a piece of bread then give it to my sis* but let's not take life too seriously and deal with circumstances ^3^
    you're welcome :)
    well i dunno ^^ ; male fans are usually called bronies and female fans pegasisters :)
    wow Gadchan this group has amazing songs really! i listened to the links you posted it's really catchy it sounds almost like 80's oldschool music. i love it :)

  6. TheGarbageCollector 11wk 6d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl I didn't know TheGarbageCollector is Comp! O_O

    You caught me

  7. Monu-chan Moderator 11wk 6d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl

    Quote by Monu-chanHello! :D
    How's it going?

    Umm is the problem that you changed your avatar but it's not changed yet? it sometimes takes 2 days to rewrite the server data. So you might need to wait, meanwhile also clean the caches and temporary memory from your browser.

    Or is the problem something else? Above one is most common problem.

    I'm doing well(?) how about you? XD

    Wow I didn't know that is a common problem O_o
    So I need to clean the caches and temporary memory too?

    I'm doing well(?) as well xD
    at this point I don't know what's well or good lol

    Oh yes it's a very common problem. I can see your new avatar now, it's a Korean boy gif right?
    If you still can't see it then yes you need to clean the caches of your browser.

  8. Monu-chan Moderator 11wk 6d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl Hello Monuchan! ^-^)/
    I have a problem regarding account's avatar, can you help me?

    Hello! :D
    How's it going?

    Umm is the problem that you changed your avatar but it's not changed yet? it sometimes takes 2 days to rewrite the server data. So you might need to wait, meanwhile also clean the caches and temporary memory from your browser.

    Or is the problem something else? Above one is most common problem.

  9. myri-chan 17wk 0d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlthank you for your understanding Unnie! >_<
    I'm not sad now, thank you for your concern XD
    Do you also like Ultraman? XD
    You are right, I might not really get the lesson since I was little when I watched it TT_TT but at least I learned from those action shows that protecting someone dear to us and defend the right thing are important XD
    Yes, it is sad that sentai genres are rarely shown nowadays :(
    Woa... Two people feel great together, that sounds so fantastic (*-*)
    I think I have just got another inspiration for my visual novel, thank you Unnie XD
    You might 'had never been able', but I believe it will be 'on being able'. Don't give up, Unnie! (9>-<)9
    I know maybe talking is easier than doing, I'm sorry I could only cheering you T_T
    But there are a thousand men out there, when there are some pretenders, there are must be some good men too. Because 'bad' word doesn't exist if 'good' word is not exist right? :(
    I dunno what you have been through with pretenders, I guess maybe you need a little break from relationship?
    What am I saying right now :( I'm confused (?)

    I guess I will take a note on "If you understand someone who doesn't understand you it's useless"
    After thinking what you said in your previous comment, maybe my decision moving on from my first crush is a right choice :(
    First I thought I knew him, but then he showed that I didn't. Did you once have a problem the same as I have, Unnie?
    I feel like I want to tell you a story about him XD can I pm you later?
    I see.... Then I'm kinda feeling lucky hehe XD Alhamdulillah
    What is the main story of Mlp Unnie?

    Glad to know you're feeling better dear sister :)
    Ultraman? i heard of that character,i had a super nintendo game about it but tbh i never watched the show.
    You are making visual novels? that's awesome!
    Oh thank you Gadchan well i'm gonna try to not givin up ^^
    I dunno.. maybe they exist XD Not :/
    Oh yes.. a definitive break ^^ But i thank you so much for cheering Gadchan :)
    Countless times my dear,it's hard to find the right person..Most of them just stabs you in the back when you're not payin attention >_<
    You can pm me about your problem if you want,i'll try to help you.
    I am happy for you Gadchan,may Allah always be by your side.
    I know more experts bronies and pegasisters than myself,i think they can explain better ^^;

  10. myri-chan 19wk 3d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlUnnie I'm sorry I'm late replying TT..TT
    ooh 90 kids! XD I was born 1995 so power ranger still popular in my childhood too >_<
    I agree, we also can learn how to keep a relationship in marriage from WGM XD
    How long have you met Nabila, Unnie? XD so she likes swimming
    I see.... Then what I have heard about the attraction between men and women is right.
    But I have heard too about relationship based on sympathy that can turn into love. Is being sympathized can be a way to gain this man and woman's attraction? O.o
    Wow, you have a lot experience about dating Unnie >_< can I ask you questions about dating some other times? I need some preferences for my novel TTwTT
    I believe you will find a man who suits you, Unnie! Fighting! (9^0^)9
    After hearing your explanation, I think just by understanding someone or knowing him better can already makes me liking him. I guess I prefer not having boys as a close friend until the right time. Thanks for explaining this matters to me, unnie XD
    I see... So sincerity and passion are points that family should have XD
    Luna is indeed adorable XD
    Tbh I have just known Mlp after joining Minitokyo XD
    yay XD *hugs back*
    (*'∀'人)your welcome Unnie! *catching the flying kisses*

    Take your time sis, but i hope you're not sad or something :c
    Sentai genre was simple but enjoyable,power rangers was one of the best.
    It is always interesting to watch how people react in certain situations,there's always a lesson somewhere if you pay attention.
    Oh! that was long time ago.. something like ten years,it's over now :/
    I dunno Gad but i think when two people feel really great together they can become inseparable :)
    Not as much as you might think but it was disappointing.. I had never been able to find someone really honest and open minded to accept me as i really am, someone who sees things the way i do :/ i am fed up with all the pretenders... I guess, i'll better stay alone >_<
    Yes but it must be mutual not just from one side :/ If you understand someone who doesn't understand you it's useless.
    one must avoid being choosy concerning the physical aspect, focusing on the inside, sharing same opinons and feelings is the most important for a long term relation.
    It's just a question of luck my dear, some are just not born in the right family >_<
    I knew about the old 80's MLP from childhood but didn't know about the new one until i met certain bronies here, they transformed me into a pegasis for good >_<

  11. myri-chan 20wk 3d ago

    Happy new year Gad-chan :)

  12. myri-chan 26wk 3d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlYes power rangers are one of my childhood top movies XD I'm kinda missing them soemtimes XD
    Childhopd memories xD
    He is hilarious? XD I haven't searched it tho TT..TT
    Where did you meet Nabila? XD
    Woah... But I thought seduction could be a real one of it comes from a lover(?) :O
    Unnie, do you have a boyfriend or a husband? XD
    I thought even being a good friend can also ended to be a one sided love story TT..TT
    Right Unnie! I will stay away from being too close to any guy friend (^0^)/
    A friend and family could be a pretender? That sounds scary (T ^ T)
    But I think family couldn't deceive each other when they are doing something because of love, unnie XD

    Now I just realize Mlp means my little pony! XD I haven't watched it but they are do look cute! XD
    Princess Luna is the one who be your MT avatar, right? Am I wrong? XD
    Woa thanks for the link unnie! XD I like how Peterpan and Wendy dance, they had a little romance but unfortunately separated in the end :( is that another meaning that first love can't be cherished?
    Yaay I got unnie! XD ヽ(゚∀゚)メ(゚∀゚)メ(?(...)
    Your welcome unnie (*'∀'人)♥*

    Quote by gadisitugirlHave a nice day unnie! XD

    Bioman is the only sentai i've watched tbh O__O those kind of series were popular in the 80,90 ^3^
    WGM is a really funny show and it's also interesting to see how couples react with each other,actually human relationships are very complicated.you realize that when you watch those episodes ^_^'
    i'm serious,irl one of my former best friends was named nabila i met her at a swimming pool center Lol
    relation between men and women are not based on sympathy like any other kind of human relationship but also on physical attraction and desire..it is shallow in a certain sense.
    oh,i had boyfriends during my 20's,all i can say it was aweful,guys suck! Lol.. i don't want to marry anybody unless we get along 100%
    Yes but even with a friend,you must be careful.being a good friend is not about loving too much or stuff like that,but most of all understanding,his feelings,what he wants ..etc and of course respect,if this person is dishonest,then he doesn't deserve your affection.
    Well family relationship is supposed to be totally sincere and affectionate ^.^; it is not always the case unfortunately,but i am glad to know yours are treating you well Gadchan :)

    yes mlp is short for My little pony,it's kyota indeed :)
    exactly! Luna is my fav pony so i choosed her as my ava ^3^
    Glad you like it,this movie is awesome and also sad, yes love is a complicated thing my dear ;3;
    *hugs my lil sis very tightly* ^3^
    Thankies,i wish you a excellent day ..or night (Lol) to you 2 *blows kisses*

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