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  1. angelxxuan 6h 12m ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl Hi XD


  2. MisaSasekage Moderator 13h 46m ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl Hello XD

    Hi there ^^

  3. greeno 4d 19h ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlWow, you must have a baby face! *-* what's your secret? *-*

    If you don't mind either one then I will combine them, it will be sekak XD (senpai+kakak) lol lol
    Just kidding XD then I will call you kak Greeno XD

    I dunno. Maybe it's more to do with what I'm wearing.

    Kak Greeno is good XD

  4. kuchukuTulip 5d 19h ago

    Asalamoalikum! :)
    How are you?

  5. greeno 1wk 4d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl

    Quote by greeno
    Oh hello (。・ω・)ノ゙
    Nice to meet u too

    I didn't know you are older than me tbh I thought you are teenager
    I'm sorry ;-; how impolite I am >_< should I call you senpai or kakak? *-*

    THAT IS WHAT EVERYONE KEEP SAYING even irl lol. It's weird tho. When I was 20 people say I look 25. Now that I'm 27 they're saying I look 20 *shrug*
    Calling me senpai would confuse everyone but I don't mind either one :)

  6. greeno 1wk 5d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl Hello Greeno XD XD nice to meet you XD

    Oh hello (。・ω・)ノ゙
    Nice to meet u too

  7. Hooyaah 1wk 6d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlI dunno about traumatic event. You are rit, I'm totally fine xD I think I was just overthinking.
    It comes to my mind when I wanted to solve my problems and my sister was helping me.
    She asked me a question and I couldn't recall anything, and she thought that maybe something did happen but I don't remember.
    Tbh I can't remember my own old problems O_o it might something that related to college, friends, or etc. I was thinking that might the cause, but it is just a thought. I took a free depression test last year and anxiety test few months ago, the results kinda confusing but my sister said I shouldn't belive it because it's not the same as talk to psychiatrist. But I've just taken an anxiety test again and it showed that I'm on a normal state so I think I will take the last result xD

    Yes, it does one benefit to overthink an issue. As I mentioned, you are most probably just fine. Decide to be happy and let neither anyone nor anything prevent you from your own happiness.

  8. Hooyaah 2wk 3d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlIs that something that connected with brain? I have heard from my friend who studying in counselling major that brain can protect itself from something that can harm the body; such as forgetting something that cause you hurt so much and it might make you sick.. The feeling stays, but you can't remember the problems

    Perhaps you are referring to a dissociative disorder, such as depersonalization-derealization syndrome. Have you undergone any traumatic event recently that could have triggered such mental stress? It's not a good thing for one to try to diagnose oneself. Oftentimes erroneous conclusions may be reached by an individual who is not fully trained to diagnose and treat such disorders. I would surmise that you are most likely concerned needlessly and that you are in a nominal state of mental order. In other words, I think that you are very probably just fine.

  9. kuchukuTulip 2wk 3d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl
    Err... How can I told you that XD you like the anime
    Just forget I have told you about its manga XD

    Yeesss the cat one XD
    Really? Can't wait XD

    XD ok.

    lemme know if you liked it or not :D

  10. Hooyaah 2wk 4d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlI'm sorry :'( it must be hard for you... :"(

    You are right... Crying is not a sign of weakness.. But, I sometimes cry without a reason :( is that normal?

    There are most likely triggers that cause you to cry, things deep under the surface of which your conscious mind may be unaware. I would surmise that you are completely normal and that there is no need for concern.

  11. kuchukuTulip 2wk 4d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl
    XD I see.. First time I knew Psychic detective Yakumo is in its manga. The first one that published in Indonesia is the white cover. I read it and I like it. But somehow the white cover just stopped in volume two.
    Next thing I knew the anime showed up and the black cover manga is published.
    Since I read the white and the black cover, and I watched some of anime episodes too, I compared that three and find out that I like the manga, and the white one better :(
    It's just my opinion.. The strong reason is because the image of Haruka Ozawa that change alot. If you see the white manga first, then see the anime and read the black cover, you might find her strong image become weaker :-0
    I thought I was the only one who think it like that, but my sister who brought the white cover manga is dislike the new version too. It might because the different mangaka, tbh Yakumo the black ver manga and anime more handsome than the white one lol XD but we like Haruka in the old ver, can't help it. -.

    So you love fruit basket! XD XD my otp pairing is Toru and Kyo >_< I haven't read the last chapter and I'm soooo curious to read that :-@ too bad the manga has stopped being published in Indonesia, I guess I'll read it online ;-;

    Wow... I didn't know there is a legendary cowboy anime! XD thank you for the recommend, I'll search for the anime later XD

    My fav anime recently are from Studio bibli, Howl' moving castle and Spirited away XD
    I like the pure story in Spirited away XD the two kids don't even realize they are called lover by the adults lol XD

    Aah I see :O
    But she seems like a pretty strong girl in anime too.

    AAh I remember the images but forgot the name DX do you mean the cat one?
    Ending is really good.

  12. kuchukuTulip 2wk 4d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl
    Oooh we are the same then XD I don't like kaichou wa maid sama either!
    I dislike Tokyo Mew Mew, Mermaid melody, Kitchen Princess, Kamichama Karin, Kamichama Karin chu, Shugo chara, Meru Puri, and.... Lol XD I have to remember their titles XD tbh I dislike a girl who is mc and she is fragile, too soft, act weak, and being loved more than three men lol XD it's sooo classic. Oh, I hate Diabolik Lover, I think the mc (girl) looks like a maso girl tbh -_-; I mean really, she let the boys do this and do that to her :-@
    There are some more that I like mangas than anime such as Psychic detective Yakumo (I dislike its manga with black cover, I like the white cover ones), Fruit Basket, Kamisama hajime mashite, and... I will remember later lol XD
    And there are some stories that I like the game version and dislike the anime version such as Starry sky, Hakuoki, Yume100, Hiro no kakera, Haruka toki no nakade, Brother conflict (but this one I dislike the mc too. -.)

    My fav one is... I will answer this next post, I can't remember the title ;-;
    Cowboy bebop? O_o I haven't seen or watched that

    I don't know most of those anime. XD
    I like psychic detective Yakumo anime, haven't read the manga.
    Fruits Basket I absolutely love >w>

    Cowboy bebop is legendary! If you like action adventure this is a must watch.

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