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  1. myri-chan 1wk 2d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlUnniee long time no see! TT_TT
    Ultraman is famous for his giant body and fight godzillas or other monsters lol XD
    Yes, but I can't continue my vn since it is already college term, I mean, not holiday anymore (?)
    Isn't my english language like a junior high school, Unnie? I guess I need to take English course :(
    your welcome Unnie! >_<
    No, no, no, they must exist! >:O *persistent*
    Everything is going to be alright, insya Allah Unnie XD
    Eh... Peps who stabs in the back are worst! :(( are honest people rare?
    Okay, will do Unnie! XD thank you so much!
    May Allah always be your side too Unnie XD
    Bronies? Are they different from pegasisters? :o
    Unnie, recently I listened to Wannaone's songs and they are quite catchy(?) XD
    Never, Burn it up and Energetic are I like the most among their songs! XD
    Wah I can be fangurling sometimes since they look cool (I like to see Ong, Jaehwan, Minhyun, Jihoon and Jinyoung XD) but on the other side there are some of their dance poses that can't stop make me laugh lol XD

    Hello Gadchan :) here i am Lol
    oh i see,sounds pretty cool must be very fun to watch.
    studies first! you can always find a moment for hobbies later :)
    Me too >_< feeling too lazy to learn some grammar and vocabulary right now XD
    you think they exist? ok then let's believe ^^
    insya Allah dear sis :)
    honesty is such a rare thing indeed,*dips a piece of bread then give it to my sis* but let's not take life too seriously and deal with circumstances ^3^
    you're welcome :)
    well i dunno ^^ ; male fans are usually called bronies and female fans pegasisters :)
    wow Gadchan this group has amazing songs really! i listened to the links you posted it's really catchy it sounds almost like 80's oldschool music. i love it :)

  2. TheGarbageCollector 2wk 3d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl I didn't know TheGarbageCollector is Comp! O_O

    You caught me

  3. Monu-chan Moderator 2wk 3d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl

    Quote by Monu-chanHello! :D
    How's it going?

    Umm is the problem that you changed your avatar but it's not changed yet? it sometimes takes 2 days to rewrite the server data. So you might need to wait, meanwhile also clean the caches and temporary memory from your browser.

    Or is the problem something else? Above one is most common problem.

    I'm doing well(?) how about you? XD

    Wow I didn't know that is a common problem O_o
    So I need to clean the caches and temporary memory too?

    I'm doing well(?) as well xD
    at this point I don't know what's well or good lol

    Oh yes it's a very common problem. I can see your new avatar now, it's a Korean boy gif right?
    If you still can't see it then yes you need to clean the caches of your browser.

  4. Monu-chan Moderator 2wk 4d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl Hello Monuchan! ^-^)/
    I have a problem regarding account's avatar, can you help me?

    Hello! :D
    How's it going?

    Umm is the problem that you changed your avatar but it's not changed yet? it sometimes takes 2 days to rewrite the server data. So you might need to wait, meanwhile also clean the caches and temporary memory from your browser.

    Or is the problem something else? Above one is most common problem.

  5. myri-chan 7wk 5d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlthank you for your understanding Unnie! >_<
    I'm not sad now, thank you for your concern XD
    Do you also like Ultraman? XD
    You are right, I might not really get the lesson since I was little when I watched it TT_TT but at least I learned from those action shows that protecting someone dear to us and defend the right thing are important XD
    Yes, it is sad that sentai genres are rarely shown nowadays :(
    Woa... Two people feel great together, that sounds so fantastic (*-*)
    I think I have just got another inspiration for my visual novel, thank you Unnie XD
    You might 'had never been able', but I believe it will be 'on being able'. Don't give up, Unnie! (9>-<)9
    I know maybe talking is easier than doing, I'm sorry I could only cheering you T_T
    But there are a thousand men out there, when there are some pretenders, there are must be some good men too. Because 'bad' word doesn't exist if 'good' word is not exist right? :(
    I dunno what you have been through with pretenders, I guess maybe you need a little break from relationship?
    What am I saying right now :( I'm confused (?)

    I guess I will take a note on "If you understand someone who doesn't understand you it's useless"
    After thinking what you said in your previous comment, maybe my decision moving on from my first crush is a right choice :(
    First I thought I knew him, but then he showed that I didn't. Did you once have a problem the same as I have, Unnie?
    I feel like I want to tell you a story about him XD can I pm you later?
    I see.... Then I'm kinda feeling lucky hehe XD Alhamdulillah
    What is the main story of Mlp Unnie?

    Glad to know you're feeling better dear sister :)
    Ultraman? i heard of that character,i had a super nintendo game about it but tbh i never watched the show.
    You are making visual novels? that's awesome!
    Oh thank you Gadchan well i'm gonna try to not givin up ^^
    I dunno.. maybe they exist XD Not :/
    Oh yes.. a definitive break ^^ But i thank you so much for cheering Gadchan :)
    Countless times my dear,it's hard to find the right person..Most of them just stabs you in the back when you're not payin attention >_<
    You can pm me about your problem if you want,i'll try to help you.
    I am happy for you Gadchan,may Allah always be by your side.
    I know more experts bronies and pegasisters than myself,i think they can explain better ^^;

  6. myri-chan 10wk 1d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlUnnie I'm sorry I'm late replying TT..TT
    ooh 90 kids! XD I was born 1995 so power ranger still popular in my childhood too >_<
    I agree, we also can learn how to keep a relationship in marriage from WGM XD
    How long have you met Nabila, Unnie? XD so she likes swimming
    I see.... Then what I have heard about the attraction between men and women is right.
    But I have heard too about relationship based on sympathy that can turn into love. Is being sympathized can be a way to gain this man and woman's attraction? O.o
    Wow, you have a lot experience about dating Unnie >_< can I ask you questions about dating some other times? I need some preferences for my novel TTwTT
    I believe you will find a man who suits you, Unnie! Fighting! (9^0^)9
    After hearing your explanation, I think just by understanding someone or knowing him better can already makes me liking him. I guess I prefer not having boys as a close friend until the right time. Thanks for explaining this matters to me, unnie XD
    I see... So sincerity and passion are points that family should have XD
    Luna is indeed adorable XD
    Tbh I have just known Mlp after joining Minitokyo XD
    yay XD *hugs back*
    (*'∀'人)your welcome Unnie! *catching the flying kisses*

    Take your time sis, but i hope you're not sad or something :c
    Sentai genre was simple but enjoyable,power rangers was one of the best.
    It is always interesting to watch how people react in certain situations,there's always a lesson somewhere if you pay attention.
    Oh! that was long time ago.. something like ten years,it's over now :/
    I dunno Gad but i think when two people feel really great together they can become inseparable :)
    Not as much as you might think but it was disappointing.. I had never been able to find someone really honest and open minded to accept me as i really am, someone who sees things the way i do :/ i am fed up with all the pretenders... I guess, i'll better stay alone >_<
    Yes but it must be mutual not just from one side :/ If you understand someone who doesn't understand you it's useless.
    one must avoid being choosy concerning the physical aspect, focusing on the inside, sharing same opinons and feelings is the most important for a long term relation.
    It's just a question of luck my dear, some are just not born in the right family >_<
    I knew about the old 80's MLP from childhood but didn't know about the new one until i met certain bronies here, they transformed me into a pegasis for good >_<

  7. myri-chan 11wk 1d ago

    Happy new year Gad-chan :)

  8. myri-chan 17wk 0d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlYes power rangers are one of my childhood top movies XD I'm kinda missing them soemtimes XD
    Childhopd memories xD
    He is hilarious? XD I haven't searched it tho TT..TT
    Where did you meet Nabila? XD
    Woah... But I thought seduction could be a real one of it comes from a lover(?) :O
    Unnie, do you have a boyfriend or a husband? XD
    I thought even being a good friend can also ended to be a one sided love story TT..TT
    Right Unnie! I will stay away from being too close to any guy friend (^0^)/
    A friend and family could be a pretender? That sounds scary (T ^ T)
    But I think family couldn't deceive each other when they are doing something because of love, unnie XD

    Now I just realize Mlp means my little pony! XD I haven't watched it but they are do look cute! XD
    Princess Luna is the one who be your MT avatar, right? Am I wrong? XD
    Woa thanks for the link unnie! XD I like how Peterpan and Wendy dance, they had a little romance but unfortunately separated in the end :( is that another meaning that first love can't be cherished?
    Yaay I got unnie! XD ヽ(゚∀゚)メ(゚∀゚)メ(?(...)
    Your welcome unnie (*'∀'人)♥*

    Quote by gadisitugirlHave a nice day unnie! XD

    Bioman is the only sentai i've watched tbh O__O those kind of series were popular in the 80,90 ^3^
    WGM is a really funny show and it's also interesting to see how couples react with each other,actually human relationships are very complicated.you realize that when you watch those episodes ^_^'
    i'm serious,irl one of my former best friends was named nabila i met her at a swimming pool center Lol
    relation between men and women are not based on sympathy like any other kind of human relationship but also on physical attraction and desire..it is shallow in a certain sense.
    oh,i had boyfriends during my 20's,all i can say it was aweful,guys suck! Lol.. i don't want to marry anybody unless we get along 100%
    Yes but even with a friend,you must be careful.being a good friend is not about loving too much or stuff like that,but most of all understanding,his feelings,what he wants ..etc and of course respect,if this person is dishonest,then he doesn't deserve your affection.
    Well family relationship is supposed to be totally sincere and affectionate ^.^; it is not always the case unfortunately,but i am glad to know yours are treating you well Gadchan :)

    yes mlp is short for My little pony,it's kyota indeed :)
    exactly! Luna is my fav pony so i choosed her as my ava ^3^
    Glad you like it,this movie is awesome and also sad, yes love is a complicated thing my dear ;3;
    *hugs my lil sis very tightly* ^3^
    Thankies,i wish you a excellent day ..or night (Lol) to you 2 *blows kisses*

  9. myri-chan 17wk 2d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl

    I missed you too! >_< and here I am late replying again T..T
    Yes, spirit! (9'0')9
    Go go power ranger! (?) (/*-*)/
    Taecyon and Guigui? XD I will remember their names and will ask my friends if they have some of their episodes XD Hwang Kwanghee also joined WGM too? I didn't know about that (*-*)
    I have to check it soon!
    I see you like Nabilah XD thank you so much TTwTT
    Do you think I will meet my perfect match? XD thank you!
    So I have to know which one is a sweet illusion and which one are the real one?
    Actually I don't think I will meet... I don't know :( I had problem about boys actually. I'm still learning how to be an average girl who can be friends with boys in real life. Wait, there are some cultures and others... How can I put those into words? I'm getting confused by myself haha xD
    I will try my best to analyze someone before I like him, thank you very much! XD
    Tbh I like the lyrics! I immadiately download that song mp3 XD thank you for letting me know the song >_<
    Why I do feel complicated read the lyric.. Why the man that in the song is a pretender? Is he a playboy or something? :(
    Ayee I agree with you! XD
    Spooky... O.o I guess that is too XD (?)

    Wow... MLP sounds like have fun people! XD are you one of them? (*-*)
    I really have that syndrome too? (*-*) really? Yeayy XD XD *dothehappydance*
    Yay! You are so kind! >_< I think i want to call you unnie too XD
    It's okay, I do typo too XD hehe
    When I talked to my Indonesia friends, the typo I did even worse XD

    No biggy dear sis ^3^
    You like power rangers ? Sentai were so funny ? >_<
    names sounds funny isn't it ? yes he did ^^ he's so hilarious XP
    Indo Pop is awesome :3 i had a friend named Nabila. we were inseparable ;3;
    i hope so ^.^; *crosses fingers*
    Both are! Lol Seduction is based on illusions :/
    being a good friend is a good starter because there's no big difference between friendship and romance. yeah i know what you mean,well don't do anything that can cause you problems,be discreet Lol
    You're welcome ^3^
    the lyrics of that song can apply to many type of persons not only to womanizers,it could be a friend,a politician,a priest or even one's own family @__@ actually human relationships are also based on deception,in a certain sense we are all puppets in way or another >_<

    I like Mlp,it's a cute and funny cartoon but most of all i am a fan of Princess Luna ^3^ Huzzah!
    You didn't know? Lol *dances with you* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGz56SQ7EVE
    Yaay! so glad to be your unnie \(^3^)/
    Thank you for being so understanding ;3;

  10. myri-chan 18wk 6d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlSorry for the late reply T..T so many college assigntment and midtest...
    Oh... I see XD you are right! I agree with you, idols are human too XD
    Last week my friend forced me to watch Jonghyun's WGM episodes, I thought I would cry but no, it did happen O.o
    Then I just realized the reason why I avoided to watching those episodes not because I like Jonghyun so much, but.... Seeing his face makes me remember how I was liking him ('-';). I thought of that because after I saw Jonghyun I cringed lol XD
    Yes I thought Nickhun is brave too XD I haven't watched Nickhun and Victoria episodes beside the prank haunted school episodes T..T Can you recommend me the most fun WGM couples? XD
    So you like Korean cultures XD tbh I like some of their mv because some of their faces too, some of them look like dolls and I enjoy that(?) ._.
    Whoa.... I didnt knew love can be a scary thing Σ(゚ロ゚;) I'm glad so far humans that I love are my family and my dear best friends...
    So love is taking a long period knowing a person and must not happening to person that we don't know well?
    But, if you like someone, can you stop the state before it turns to a love?
    Last year I met a person and I liked him. My family said it was just a crush, but my best friends said it was a love. I haven't felt any kind of those things until my 20s years old, I can guess ans give love advice well from people love experiences but when it comes to myself I'm confused and can't even describe it T..T
    What do you mean people stimulate and pretend to be angel? Why do they do that? TT..TT
    Thank you for your love advice, I keep it in my mind
    Tbh few months ago I believe it was just a crush but my best friend's word kinda distrubs me T..T
    Gothic? XD some gothic fashions are cool XD
    But you are right about beautiful in creepy, signal's Twice mv is creepy but when I saw their dance at comeback stage I began to like the song XD
    Lol kingkong XD XD
    Nana character? O.o
    I'm glad you like it xD Tbh I only watch V on that comeback stage, I think his face looks like a doll in that video XD hehee
    I know, the first time I heard it I thought it was military too, but my friends told me about the fans base amd etc. Even they know I'm not a fan, they still like to talk about BTS a lot with me (TTwtT)
    What is geeky stuff that Pegasister usually talk about? XD
    Peterpan syndrome? Cool! XD I want that syndrome too (*-*)
    Yaaaay xD can I call you Myri nee chan then? Or maybe just sis? XD
    I got a new typo friend! XD typo everywhere \(>_<)/
    Thank you so much! XD friendship is awesome (*-*)

    Gadchan ! i missed you so much ^3^
    Haha yep and humans have many defects ^^
    that's the spirit Lol
    Oh,the one with Taecyeon and GuiGui was very very funny,Jo kwon and Gain was fun too,also Julien Kang & Yoon Se-ah, Hwang Kwanghee & Han Sunhwa ^^oh yes korean idols are very cute but Indonesian idols are cute too! i love Nabilah she's soo pretty ^3^
    unfortunately it is..most often meeting someone is like opening a jack in the box x.x
    it takes a long time to analyze someone's character and hidden sides you know,this person could secretly have bad intentions or simply be burdensome Lol
    well i know it is hard to control our emotions especially when a person seem to be so cute (apparently) unfortunately beauty and charm are just a sweet illusion.
    you are young so it is normal to be romantic,sometimes it's a question of luck not all of us have the same experiences in life,maybe you are going to meet the perfect match or maybe not,if you have a lot in common and you don't fight/argue with your guy then it is a good sign but take your time to know him better,it is more cautious ^^
    xD simulate not stimulate,here! check those lyrics, you will understand ^^ : https://genius.com/La-toya-jackson-hes-a-pretender-lyrics
    My pleasure,i hope it was useful ^.^'
    Don't despair my dear,you are still young,just be careful and i am pretty sure you'll find what you are looking for :)
    gothic fashion is awesome and smexxy ^3^
    yes it's like seeing a spooky movie,its frightning but cool at the same time ^^
    ofc it looks so punk rock like in nana xP
    haha fans can be very annoying sometimes,be patient ^.^'
    well ^.^' fans of mlp tend to ponify almost everything in a crazy and amusing way xP
    maybe you have it already Lol if people think that you act like a kid then you got that virus too ;P
    Huzzahh :3 you can call me the way you want,you are my budette ^3^
    T__T sorry for typoness
    Ur welcome ^3^

  11. myri-chan 21wk 2d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirlwow.. I admire you, you are strong! XD you can watch episode your fav idol married (even it is just virtually) with other XD
    Jonghyun is my first fav korean singer, I dunno if my old little feeling from high school era is ready to see him lover dovey with his wife TwT lol XD mybe I'm not brave enoigh to discover that
    I haven't watched Guigui couple, and Nickhun too.. I watches only episodes when Nickhun with his Wgm couple on some kind of challenge with YongSeo (and other couple which I forget who they are t..t) in a haunted school.. I guess Nikchun is kinda strong and responsible person XD (?)
    Maybe I will search for Booms later XD thanks Myri-chan!
    You are right, I think K-pop artist has good sense of fashion XD
    But I guess you are more update about Kpop songs than me XD
    Riight XD btw, if it comes to boy, how can you make differences if you just have crush on him or you love him?
    :( I don't really have experiences about it...
    Lol I'm doing a weird dancing XD thanks for compliment hehe XD
    You think so too? XD the face of aliens kinda fluffy though, but I still find it creepy
    You will be a good eagyo teacher! XD
    Lol XD I like your words when you describe him as a gorilla but a cute one XD he is cute but... Cute? /can'tapartChanyeolfrom'cute'word XD
    Yes Lotto, they seem so rich that burn those moneys lol XD
    That mouth piercing is totally something, but in the end of mv when he opened the cover of his mouth he looks more handsome. I think it is because the piercing he had before? O_o
    Just a link when BTS performed Sweat and tears on come back stage tho.... T..T
    Wait, you guess you got it wrong O.o ARMY I mean is a fanbase BTS XD
    What is NLR? O.o
    Son Dam Bi? O.o ooh I guess I should call you sis then? Tbh I though you are twenties around my age XD you are young! I guess young souls not defend on ages XD you seems young and energetic! XD
    Your welcome! XD glad I can help you xD sorry if I typo on some words T..T
    Thank you for offering me XD I will ask you if I need a help >_<

    Well it's not really a question of strenght but disillusion ^^ This state of mind comes with the pass of time ;3
    Idols are only human just like you and me, not gods so it is not necessary to worship them or overestimate them ^3^
    Oh yes i know that episode,all couples where there jokwon/Gain,Seohyun/Yonghwa,Nichkhun/Victoria ^^
    Nichkun is quite brave but he's most of all a smart guy,i watched him in several shows he's not only handsome but very much of a hustler too ;3
    you're welcome my dear ^3^
    Hmm..I watched a lot of korean stuff i can't deny it, korean culture is so beautiful and cute,it makes me forget for a time the difficult reality of my life ^.^
    Well i'll give a good advice dear sis it's just my opinion tho...Never love seriously and sincerely someone you don't really know or you think you know ..It's very dangerous for your mental health..Love is the sweetest feeling that exist and the only ingredient for true happiness but it is a feeling that can turn into very negative feelings if you love the wrong person. It could even destroy your whole life. So you should only (like) most people and love only few persons you are sure that they are 100% similar or 90% in mindset/interests. and most of all not too quickly (several years is more cautious) ^.^' Also don't forget that most people simulate and pretend to be angels,so be very careful. ^^

    It is creepy indeed but even creepy things can be beautiful in a certain way ^^ That's the gothic people way of seeing things,maybe it is a positive way to accept unpleasant things ^^

    Haha thank you ;3

    Oh, he's a handsome guy :3 I was just joking ^^ He's too cute to be compared to king kong XD
    That piercing reminds me of a Nana character: Shinichi Okazaki ^^
    Gadchan that performance on countdown show is cool, i like the way they dance ^3^
    Oh My *Lol*..sorry ^.^' so their fans are called army ^.^
    well NLR is a pegasister thing. don't pay attention ^.^' you know..just geeky stuff (Lol)
    I have Peter Pan syndrome XD It makes me feel happy and brave enough to endure life ;3
    I am so happy to be your sis Gadchan,it's a big honor for me ^3^
    And don't worry,i am a great typo myself XD
    Don't hesitate ^3^ that's what friends are for ;3

  12. myri-chan 21wk 4d ago

    Quote by gadisitugirl

    Oh.. I see... So it might due the internal problems XD
    Waah I can't watch Jonghyun in WGM, I might getting heartbroken lol XD
    Nickhun? XD I like to watch him in WGM, the most fav couple in WGM for me is Yonghwa and Seohyun XD
    I really like their shipping but look how they turn out now, I can't expect more.
    Boom? I never watched that before. What is that show about? XD
    I guess I will try watch Jonghyun in WGM later, later... Hehehehe xD
    They are better than western artists? O.o is it because of their dance or something?
    I don't really watch western artists nowadays. I even barely know new songs XD
    The lastest songs I know from western are FFF from Bebe Rexha and New rules from Duo Lipa.
    I guess those are not really new? XD
    Wait, I'm not really update with Kpop too T..T
    Lil crush lol XD XD
    Yeay I got friend who also like Twice! XD *do the happy dance* ヽ(゚∀゚)メ(゚∀゚)メ(?(...)
    Talking about Twice, I kinda think Signal mv is creepy though the song is catchy. T..T
    I don't know but I think I dislike that mv T..T
    Tbh I have just learned aegyo yesterday from you! XD
    Ikr he is soo cute! XD and Chanyeol is funny too in Infinite challenge, where he should dance but he dance with funny moves I can't stop laugh xD even the camera describe his moves like gorila lol XD
    But he is still cute XD even he is one of tall members in EXO, he is CUTE! XD
    How about their Lotto and Monster mv? What do you think? XD
    Btw, do you like BTS too? XD there is one of their dance moves that quite phenomenon (?) for my friends.
    I wonder if you have seen their sweat and tears mv. I will give you the live link in next post if you want to see. My friends who are Army likes this "pitanumul" lol XD I have ARMY friends but I like Exo better than BTS.
    Old nunna? O.o how old are you if I may know?
    I'm 22 but tbh sometimes I feel still underage lol XD /selfslap
    You are cool too! XD
    Thanks for the link, I will translate it and send the translated text to you later in pm xD
    No problems! XD I'm glad if you like one of them

    ^/////^ XD
    i understand ^3^ it could disappoint you indeed :/ it happened to me after watching seasons with nichkhun or taecyeon, but i don't regret it, because it was so much fun ! especially taecyeon/guigui couple ^o^
    haha i watched the yongwha/seohyun couple too,it was really funny because they were extremely different,seohyun is a total bookworm while yongwha is the type of person who doesn't like to read at all Lol..it was one of the most entertaining episodes ^.^
    Boom is a person :) a host/MC/tv presenter,actually my favorite one ^.^
    i am sure you will be curious to watch it ;3
    not the older ones because they were on another level ^.^ but nowadays i think they can compete with the newer western artists.K pop is very entertaining clean,funny and lovely ^^ K pop artists are also cuter,classier with a good sense of fashion,and yes they dance very well, their moves are quite gracious,actually south korean music is pure fun not too serious that's what i like about it personally ^^yep me too i don't listen to new western music anymore except for few artists maybe.
    haha just like me, i am more familiar with older idols ^^
    XD XD exactly ^////^ not so serious crush ^W^
    Wow your dancing skills are amazing Gadchan ! how you do that ? O__O
    twice's signal is kinda weird indeed,i guess peeps are crazy for sci-fi and alien stuff ^.^' but i think the wv is still cute and funny tho :3
    really? i am a much better aegyo teacher than i thought ..XD
    yes Chanyeol is a very funny guy and.. very tall ! wow this guy is a giant O__O just like a gorilla (a cute one) XD
    Lotto mv is weird but i see that they have a lot of money to burn XD it's a good mv tho :) Monster mv is cool and that mouth piercing! oh my god! O__O Bts sweat and tears mv is beautiful! reminds me of shinee's sherlock mv..a lil bit ^^ they sing well too :) you got a link ? thanks Gadchan.
    Wow you got a soldier friend? cool! tell him if he wants to join the NLR, Princess Luna wants him. XD
    T.T actually i am as old as Son Dam-bi ;3 you are 22 ? i envy you ;3really? thank you so much *hugs*
    checked your pm,i know its a lot of effort.thank you so so much *more hugs* you are so kind,if you need something i will be happy to help you, just ask :3

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